Marie Ann Karnik Benak

Honored by:Richard Benak
Brick location:F:12  map

Marie was born on December 12, 1905, in Krucemburg, Cechie in Czechoslovakia. She was the daughter of Vasclav and Mary Karnik. As a child, she immigrated to the United States. She attended Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary School in South Omaha, Nebraska for kindergarten through 8th grade. On February 2, 1926 she married Joseph Benak. They had four children: Mary Ann, Dolly, Joseph, and Richard. Marie was my grandmother (known as Babi), and she passed away on August 30, 1969 at the age of 63. I was only three at the time and the memories I have of her are vague, but from the pictures I can see that I enjoyed the time I spent with her. I only wish I could have gotten to know her better.