Marie Seymour Crandell

Honored by:Blaine and Diane Crandell, Steve and Cheryl Crandell, and Dave and Jolene Crandell
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PART I - Written by Diane Kroggel Crandell (Daughter-in-law)

The best way I can describe Marie is through stories about her. She is a fun mother-in-law.

Years ago as a newly-wed visiting my "in-laws" in Iowa for the first time, Marie asked me if I would like a glass of water. I said "Sure!" So Marie went to the cupboard got a glass and filled it with water. I started drinking and water started dribbling down my front! How embarrassing. Then I saw Marie giggling. She had given me a drink of water in one of those "trick" glasses that drip when someone drinks out of them!

Marie used to save egg cartons for a friend of hers who lived in the country. This friend had several hens, collected the eggs, and sold them. One time Marie was walking down the stairs where she worked and her friend was at her desk working. Marie called out "Susan!" (Name has been changed to protect the innocent!) as she proceeded to "pretend" trip and drop all the egg cartons!! Susan about had heart failure as she frantically tried to catch as many egg cartons as she could before they hit the floor only to realize they were all empty!

 Another time when my husband and I were visiting Marie and Hubert we were having a picnic outside. I was helping her carry everything outside. I went in for the last of the plates silverware etc. and Marie said "Here take the mustard" and she proceeded to squirt "mustard" at me! I shrieked! Oh no! Mustard all over my clothes!!! Then I realized it was yellow yarn being squirted out of a mustard container!

 Another time Marie was at the grocery counter writing out a check to pay for her groceries. She was talking to the cashier as to what type of coffee she wanted. Marie said "Drip." She then proceeded to sign her check "Drip."

 But Marie has also received her share of pranks. One time when she and Hubert were visiting us in Texas we had sandwiches for lunch. We had the bread pickles potato chips ketchup mustard all that stuff on the table. Marie reached for the "Pringles" potato chips and proceeded to open the can. Only to have the springy "snakes" inside shoot out and scare her to pieces! She just laughed and laughed and laughed.

Part II In Honor of Marie Seymour Crandell (written by her sons)

Marie (MOM) has always placed her family members in first priority whether it was her parents her brother her husband or her three sons and their families. There hasn't been one time when she has complained about doing anything for those individuals. She has sacrificed for the good of others her entire life.

She grew up during the depression and often related stories of her childhood that would suggest that she went without many items that other peers normally would have had. She worked hard as a student and became a Registered Nurse enlisting in the U.S. Army and serving as a nurse overseas during WWII. She spent her entire working life as a registered nurse until her retirement in 1977.

 Her mission in life seems to be devoted to helping others and making sure thatshe has provided for those in need. We stress the deeds she has done for family members however she has made the lives of nearly everyone who has had contact with her a little brighter. She has always been known as someone who is thoughtful courteous helpful and most of all dependable. For us her family we can say that "she is always there".