Marie Wenker Anderson

Honored by:Donald, Duane, Michael and Lisa Anderson
Brick location:C:29  map

Marie Wenker Anderson is honored for her dedication to family values, service to her community, and to Iowa State University. She was raised in southwest Minnesota in a close-knit family with strong religious values. She married and dedicated herself fully for the next 17 years to giving her husband and three children the love and values she lives by. All three children are college graduates, two from Iowa State University.

During these years, she was active in Ames Woman's Club, the Episcopal Church, P.E.0 Chapter IV, and Alpha Xi Delta sorority. With her children in school, Marie continued her education and then went to work on the staff at Iowa State University in the Department of Electrical Engineering, and subsequently in the Department of Animal Ecology and the Computation Center from which she retired in 1993.

Marie Wenker Anderson lives for her strong family values and Christian beliefs, and is nurturing of her family, friends, churchc and social groups. In appreciation, we honor her on her sixtieth birthday.

Donald A. Anderson, Duane E. (Chip), and Mary (Muir) Anderson, Michael S. Anderson, Lisa Marie Anderson 7/1/96