Marilyn Jane Stone

Honored by:Lucinda Stone
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I am honoring my mother and my heroine. The best way to describe her contribution is through the song "The Wind Beneath my Wings." She had once said to me that she hadn't taken the opportunities that I did and wanted to relive her life through me. She never forced me to do anything I didn't already have my mind set on. Just as in the song she "was a face without a name..." and I had all the fame.

Not only is she my greatest supporter, she is also my greatest critic. That may sound harsh to have a mother who would always find things wrong in me but it is a true act of love. The real world is harsh and cold. My mother did not "baby" me and overprotect me. I feel this is why I have done so well, so far, in life. I work in a very "cut-throat" male dominated industry - the meat industry. By my mother always criticizing and making me find room for improvement, I can take on any rejection and disappointments life throws my way and always come back stronger than ever.

This is what has made a name for myself in the meat industry. This "never say die" attitude truly astonishes my male counterparts and has given me a great competitive edge.

But only because of my mother, a woman without a degree, the true wind beneath my wings, and my heroine. I love her.

Submitted on 7/1/96