Marjean Peelen Swann

Honored by:Laura Jean Swann
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She’s a mother of three, a lifelong educator and a lady of strength and endless support. Marjean graduated from Iowa State with a bachelor of science in education in 1960. In 1988 she expanded this knowledge and obtained a Master of Arts in Education from the United States International University.

For the past 15 years, Marjean has been a cornerstone educator in the math and science venues of a magnet gifted secondary school. Not only is she a great teacher at school, but a firm believer in the knowledge gained and wonderful experience of hosting an exchange student. As long as I can remember, our family of four was always accompanied by an exchange student from some exciting foreign country. Be it Belgian, German, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, or Swiss, an exchange student was simply another member of the Swanns.

She's the backbone to my success and the cornerstone of my confidence. She is an abundant source of energy and an avid supporter in helping one achieve their dreams. This beautiful woman of both mind and soul that I have described to you above, I am proud to say, is my mother Marjean Peelen Swann.

Submitted on 7/1/96