Marjorie Catlin Howe

Honored by:Carolyn Cornette
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In 1995 Marjory Catlin Howe can be found successfully juggling a myriad of activities. She keeps a full schedule as a tax preparer for H & R Block. In addition and in recognition of her expertise she is often asked to teach classes throughout the nation for the National Tax Preparers Association. Yet on other days she may be busy at the family business or working with her sons in their businesses. Marjory is the most unassuming "best in the field" that one can find. Marjory Catlin Howe was born in Wilmington Delaware. She graduated from high school in New Jersey. She married Kenneth Howe and together they started an appliance business in 1964.

Because Ken was in the United States Navy they had to travel but they also towed a trailer that contained the beginnings of their appliance business. When they arrived in Ames Marjory helped with the small business that then made the transition from the trailer to their home. She also continued her education and began volunteering at Collegiate United Methodist Church. She assisted the Sunday School classes that were attended by the couples two sons James and Robert.

Marjory took other types of employment to help the couple make their way. She began preparing taxes for H & R Block in 1967. Today she is among the best in the field of tax preparation and has taught accountants CPA'S as well as H & R Block preparers each year on what's new what's expected and what's unexpected. In addition to her tax responsibilities she remains an integral part of her families' now large business "Ken's Appliances."

She continues to be a contributing member of her church Collegiate United Methodist Church/Wesley Foundation. Marjory gives her very best every day; no pretense no self indulgence. Marjory Howe is a perfect example of the adage "You can be what you want to be."