Marjorie Helen Kimball Welsh

Honored by:Miriam E. Kimball Colvin
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Marjorie Helen Kimball Welsh was the oldest child of L. A. and Harriet Goodenow Kimball's family of four girls and one boy. She was born near Battle Creek Iowa in 1914 and lived in that vicinity until she graduated from the Battle Creek High School. Her school grades 1-8 were at Ida County's Maple # 5. Then her transportation to high school was to ride a pony for three years until her younger sister Mildred started to high school. They then drove a Model T Ford which presented numerous interesting experiences. After graduation Marjorie planned to continue her education at Iowa State Teacher's College (UNI). The bank closings dealt her a temporary set-back but she persevered and she did earn her two year teaching certificate. As that was in the mid-1930s teaching jobs weren't plentiful. Her parents took Marjorie to many interviews in Iowa and she did get an elementary teaching position at LaPorte City IA. From that job she advanced to a job at Melbourne IA and then on to a Keokuk Iowa elementary teaching position. Marjorie enjoyed teaching the lower elementary children and we younger sisters loved to have her come home occasionally and tell us about interesting students incidents that had happened and class projects. She loved hats and so we also looked forward to seeing what beautiful hats she would have each visit. She was a great role model. Marjorie and F. Richard Welsh were married in December 1942 in Keokuk Iowa and she continued teaching there until Richard was discharged from the Army. They parented three boys Charles R. Gary K. and John B. and moved to an acreage south of Montrose Iowa when the boys were quite young. They lived the rest of their lives on the acreage. Richard enjoyed gardening in his spare time and Marjorie loved her home and her flowers in addition to rearing her family. She also did quite a lot of substitute teaching and filled in for a length of time on numerous occasions for an ill teacher. Marjorie was a "special" grandmother to her grandchildren. Richard was deceased in 1986 and Marjorie in September 1989. Their church in Montrose was an important part of the Welsh's life. Marjorie was much involved with the Sunday School and youth and women's groups. She also sang in the choir. After her parents' deaths in 1962 Marjorie assumed the role of family matron a position she fulfilled very well. Every family needs a stabilizing older sibling. 10/16/95