Marjorie J. Matson

Honored by:William Matson
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Marjorie Matson is being honored by her husband and children for being a good wife and mother. Marjorie was the daughter of Ole and Celia Herm. Ole was an engineering graduate of ISU Class of 1914. She was born in Marshalltown on Dec. 15, 1929 and was one of seven children. She grew up in Marshalltown where she met and married William Matson on Feb. 13, 1949. They had two children. Marge was very active in politics.

In the 1950's she worked on the voter identfication program. She spent hours going through books researching names of eligible voters. Especially wives of male voters. New schools needed to be built and by getting women involved they felt this was possible. She served as election day coordinator for the Democrats. In the 1960's she became chairperson of the Voter Identification Program for the Marshall County Democrats. She was honored at a Jefferson Jackson Dinner given by Senator John Culver. Marge worked her way up from Girl Friday to office manager of UAW Local 893. She retired in June of 1993. Marjorie passed away Jan 13, 1994 after a long and courageous battle with breast cancer.