Marjorie Mae Griffiths

Honored by:Kathleen Koch
Brick location:B:24  map

This brick is placed here amongst all of the other great women's names in memory of our mother, Marjorie Mae Griffiths.

Marjorie was the youngest of three children, born on October 15, 1928, in Chicago, Illinois to Daniel and Margaret Hassett. She was of German-Irish descent.

Marjorie was a petite lady of five feet, weighing ninety-five pounds. Her hair and eyes were brown. I recall her being thrilled when she weighed ninety-eight pounds. She graduated in 1946 from Trinity High School in Lake Forest, Illinois. Soon after graduating she found employment with Travelers Insurance and St. Paul Indemnity. She married Anthony A. Griffiths on October 2, 1948. She gave birth to their first boy in October 1950, a girl in February 1952, and then planned on returning to work. However, being the good Catholic woman she was she had five more boys and two more girls. The last boy was born in October 1963. Her life became devoted to her family which she raised in Lisle, Illinois until her husband was transferred to the Common Wealth Edison Plant in Cordova, Illinois. Though we were all born in the Chicago area, she still considered Bettendorf, Iowa her home.

In 1989 her health required her to move to a better climate. They chose Tyler Texas for their home.

Marjorie loved to sew and sewing was only one of the many skills she taught her children.

One of her most outstanding qualities was always accepting not only her nine children and her ten grandchildren for themselves, but also all of our friends.

We will always remember her for her generosity patience and all of the unconditional love she has given all of us. She will always be the greatest woman in our lives.

--Kathleen Adele Koch (Griffiths)
oldest daughter,
second of nine children

Dear Lord to you we pray.
A year has gone by
since our Mother died
and still we cry.
Even tho she had so little time,
to us she looked just fine.
She told me one day, it wouldn't be long,
I knew then it would be hard to say so long.
She shared with me her concerns about her life,
I reassured her that Dad loved her for his wife.
I hope she heard me say,
how much her children thought of her each and every day.
I'm sorry I didn't take more time, to tell her what was really on my mind.
When Mom phoned that day,
I knew we had a lot to say.
I listened but never realized,
it would be her last good bye.
If I would have known,
I would have flown,
to be by her side
like I was with her mother when she died.
It's hard to explain,
but without her there's so much pain.
Please tell our Mother,
there could have been no other.
She was not like the rest,
we felt she was the very best.
You'll know who she is,
she stands apart,
she'll be the little lady with the big, big heart.
We thank you Lord for having her show us your way,
for we know now how to pray.
We pray for forgiveness for our sins,
so when our time comes, you'll invite us in.
To you, Lord, we shall pray,
Each and every day.
Our Father . . . .