Marlys Busick Christensen

Honored by:Marty McHone
Brick location:D:21  map


The mental anguish and physical pain selfish reasons you can't explain. The special times will be no more all you have are memories stored. Special times of the past the only way to bring her back.

The heart is breaking it's real physical pain Your chest honestly aches you can't explain. How do you manage or even cope other than outlandish hopes.

Does anyone else feel this way That's a silly thing to say. She touched us all in her special way.

Never experienced these feelings before Never lost someone you adored.

 You're In a store You see a clown some with smiles others with frowns Your thoughts are there You know she's around.

You're cleaning house the sweeper breaks you sprawl on the floor to see what it takes Minor or major the problems found Your thoughts start to wonder and she's still around Putting on make-up cause you're going out.

Your eyebrows wild and won't straighten out Slowly a smile begins to appear It's nothing to compare to her wild hair She's still around She's still here.

 You see a blond and it just can't be the heart takes a leap then a bound It's really not her but she's still around. Someone's attention you're trying to get fingers in mouth you let it rip. You're not the only one that whistled that loud She's in your heart She's still around.

You hear a song on the radio It takes you back a few years ago As your thoughts go back to those few years Your eyes swell and fill with tears. She's still here.

Why is the word that's on your mind It don't make sense and it's just not fair Questions that are always there.

There was no martyr or a saint the flaws were there but very faint. Good things now are all that matter As the mind wonders and you look back at her.

Everyday thoughts you can't block out Is it natural right or wrong Will the feelings and memories last very long Or will there be that day when everything has gone away.

She'll always be in the heart even though we grew apart The pain will hopefully someday cease but the love and memories only increase.

Big regrets now exist among the things on my list Did I show or was it shared how much I really cared. I know it's past but I don't fear cause in my heart She's still here.

Illa J. Carson - 1986