Marsha Springer

Honored by:Marc Harding
Brick location:K:25  map

I've had the privilege of knowing Marsha since 1997 when I arrived at Iowa State as the Director of Admissions. Marsha had just begun her adventure in Admissions in 1996 working as a receptionist on the first floor of Alumni Hall. As a primary point of contact for prospective students and families, she was one of the first people visitors encountered during a campus visit and was, therefore, one of the most important. Within a short period of time, Marsha distinguished herself as a kind, caring, welcoming, and compassionate individual and professional. In 2001, Marsha moved to the third floor of Alumni Hall to serve in an administrative capacity to the Assistant Vice President for Enrollment and Director of Admissions. Marsha continued to distinguish herself as the epitome of a Student Affairs professional at Iowa State -- always putting students first, always looking out for the best interests of her unit and the entire I owa State family. One of my favorite stories to tell people that provides a little insight into Marsha is about Jolly Ranchers. She had a bowl of Jolly Rancher candies on her desk. She learned what the favorite flavors were of staff, guests, and people coming to the third floor for an appointment. She would put the favorite flavor of whoever was visiting on top. It always made the person smile. It was a sign that Marsha cared...and paid attention...and that the little things mattered. For this reason, and many others, including her kindness, her caring, and her unwavering service and commitment to helping me, students, faculty, staff, and Iowa enrollment goals and become our best...Marsha retires on May 1, 2013 as a hero ... to me...and countless others...and is abundantly worthy of a place in Iowa State's Plaza of Heroines.