Martha Belle Hopkins

Honored by:James & Faye Whitaker
Brick location:E:1  map

Martha Belle Hopkins was born May 22, 1863, on a farm near Granville, Illinois. She attended Wellesley College from 1882-1885 and toured Europe from 1888-1889. In 1898 she married Sidney Whitaker and they built a house on farm land her father gave them as a wedding present. There they raised six children born from 1899 to 1906. She was widowed in 1939 and died in her farm home on February 13, 1951.

One of her ten grandchildren is James W. Whitaker, ISU Department of History faculty member from 1965-. James W. and Faye Pauli Whitaker are the parents of her namesake, Martha Hopkins Pauli Whitaker, born July 10, 1975, in Ames, Iowa.