Martha E. Russell

Honored by:The Chemistry Department
Brick location:PAVER:40  map

BS in Chemistry, 1945, University of Rochester
MA in Org. Chemistry, 1947, University of Buffalo
Ph.D. in Chemistry, 1954, Purdue University.

Taught at Iowa State University: 1975 to the present
Areas taught: General and Organic Chemistry

Impact on Women in Science:

  • Throughout my academic career. Starting from high school, I helped prove that women could handle science. In high school, the myth existed that math and sciences were impossible for women. I competed very successfully in these with the males. There were very few if any women scientists in my graduate classes.
  • First professional woman hired by General Electric Silicone Products Department.
  • Role model for female students in the classes that I teach. One of my favorite early reviews was from a female student. The favorable review ended with "she makes me proud to be a woman."


Paver Inscription:

Lola Placeway
Nellie Naylor
Rachel Edgar
Martha Russell
Kathleen Trahanovsky
Patricia Thiel
Therese Cotton"