Mary Albee Crawford Armstrong

Honored by:Carl Olson
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Mary Albee Crawford Armstrong (1873-1948)

The roots of the Crawford family lay in Scotland and northern Ireland. It is recorded that in the Revolution era, one brother fought with the American army and the other with British. Robert Willis Crawford, Mary's father, traveled by wagon to Fort Dodge, Iowa, about 1865. He developed a realty business, the early Ft. Dodge gypsum plant, and gave Crawford Park to the city.

Mary and her husband, Edmund Fitzgerald Armstrong, a pharmacist trained in Canada, later worked in the Crawford enterprises. Mary taught French and was a student at Radcliffe at one time. She became much involved with women's clubs, eventually becoming president of Iowa Federation of Women's Clubs. During this time she served with L.H. Pammel, professor of botany, on the Iowa Board of Conservation (1924-25), promoting trees for Iowa parks and landscape, a legacy we enjoy today. It is fitting that she be represented in the group in front of the building made famous by Professor Pammel. 1/30/95

Paver Inscription:

"Mary Albee