Mary E. Herrald

Honored by:David Herrald, Christopher Herrald, and Elizabeth Herrald
Brick location:F:16  map

We are proud to honor our mother, Mary E. Lammers Herrald, in the Plaza of Heroines at Carrie Chapman Catt Hall, Iowa State University.

A natural leader, she has excelled in many areas. As an outstanding parent, community leader, artist of many trades, and a small business owner, she has positively influenced many lives. In my eyes, my mom is a true heroine. Not only has she been a great role model for her family and fiends, but also for many others she has touched throughout her lifetime. Never have I met another individual who unconditionally cares so much for others and the situation at hand. We are happy to have this opportunity to mark this permanent place in history honoring our mother. She has truly played a large part in who we are today and what we will become tomorrow.

Thanks Mom! We love you.

Elizabeth A. Herrald, ISU Alumnus, College of Business, Class of 1991
David J.Herrald, ISU Alumnus, College of Liberal Arts and Science, Class of 1994
Christopher M. Herrald, Hempstead High School, Class of 1996