Mary Ellen Brich

Honored by:Paul and Kevin Brich
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Mary Brich neither made a major scientific discovery nor is she the biggest philanthropist you’ll ever meet. What makes her so special is the way she gives of herself what she can. Mary is a loving wife, a wonderful mother of two, and a caring grandmother. She is the most caring, giving person that most people will ever meet. What follows should help convince you of that.

Mary Brich earned her spot within this walk of other great woman not for anything that’s been published or made the world a better place but for the impact she has made on the people she’s touched. Mary is our mom, but that is not enough to describe her. She has been a devoted wife to our dad for over thirty years, an effort sometimes worth sainthood. She has raised two boys. She has been surrounded by men most of her life. Mom had to adapt to a life with men at work and at home, from sports to leaving the toilet seat up.

Mom worked for thirty-five years with the phone company. Her career spans from the days of AT&T, before the baby bells, to the recent times of acquisitions and mergers. Thirty plus years with one company is astonishing in this day and age, but Mom persevered. She instilled in us drive and determination to succeed. Mom recently semi-retired but it seems she works harder today than yesterday. While Mom worked for the phone company she helped her husband finish his education at Iowa State.

As stated earlier, she raised two boys. Her first, Paul, came while dad was still in college. Her second, Kevin, came shortly after dad graduated. She made sure her boys were well educated by enrolling them in private schools. While her sons were in high school, she returned to school to pursue a degree. And she always insisted her boys go to college and get a degree. Mom successfully got her three men through college. Now she sees her success through her boys’ careers that have taken them across the country.

Mom also instilled a strong sense of family. We returned back to Omaha in the early seventies to be closer to both families. To this day Mom and Dad still live in Omaha near their families. Mom now takes care of her mother and helps out with her mother-in-law as they get up in years. She continues to offer her home to family and friends for gatherings and special events. And whenever you’re in her home, you’re treated as family.

She continues to support our family including aunts, uncles, and cousins through triumphs and tribulations. She is always there when you need her. These are all wonderful reasons to honor Mary Brich, but none of this is what makes her the most special woman ever. That reason … she’s our Mom.

Paul and Kevin Brich