Mary Gillette Maurer

Honored by:Julie Greek and Mary's children
Brick location:G:12  map

Mary Elizabeth Gillette Maurer is a woman who deserves to be recognized in the Plaza of Heroines at Iowa State. Her parents Lester Gillette and Cecilia Murray Gillette were both teachers at Iowa State. As a young woman my mother went to college there. She met my father and after she graduated in 1943 they were married. When World War II was over they returned to my fathers family farm south of Spencer. She put her home economics skills to use managing our home and family resources. Our mother is extraordinary not only because she gave birth to eleven children but because she taught us to do well when we were children. We all had our responsibilities at home. One of her favorite things to do was to have us work hard all morning and then take us somewhere fun in the afternoon. We would go swimming hiking sledding or be free to play our own games on the farm. In the evening we would gather around her and she would read to us before bedtime. This instilled in all of us a love of reading. Of her children Stephen Mary Ellen Frances Paul John Sarah Michael and Stacy graduated from Iowa State. Five of her children's spouses are Iowa State graduates and now the fourth generation of Iowa Staters is beginning with her grandchildren. My father in his autobiography says that he is often asked why he and my mother turned out such good people and he attributes it to our concerned loving and caring mother. We her children would like to honor her. Stephen Lester Maurer Christopher John Maurer Mary Ellen Maurer Jones Frances Eileen Maurer LeClair Ann Elizabeth Maurer Gandomi Paul Eriand Maurer Julie Marie Maurer Greek John Joseph Maurer Sarah Louise Maurer Palmer Michael Timothy Maurer Stacy Lee Maurer 1/15/95