Mary Jo Vivian

Honored by:The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
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Mary Jo Vivian is a long-time employee of Iowa State University, most recently in the Dean's Office in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. She retired in June 2005.

Mary Jo is a true heroine. She raised a family of five children on her own during an era when single-parent families were not as common as they are today. Like everything she does, she did that in style. At the same time Mary Jo went back to school completing her bachelor's degree in English in 1974.

During her career at Iowa State, Mary Jo has worked in several campus offices. At each and every one she brought a professionalism that was unmatched. In the LAS Dean's Office, we will miss her sense of humor, piercing wit and wonderful lunchtime stories that always brought a smile to our faces if not a rip-roaring laugh.

Submitted on 6/30/05