Mary L. Webster Bohnker

Honored by:Her loving family
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Mary Lou Webster Bohnker
Donated by her husband: Robert F. Bohnker of Denison, Iowa and their children; Kyle and Joyce Bohnker of Charter Oak, Iowa; Bruce and Jackie Bohnker of Chesapeake, Virginia; Aryls Bohnker of Denison, Iowa; John and Jean Bohnker of Knoxville, Iowa; Gary and Robin Bohnker Hovis of Iowa City, Iowa; Eric and Tammie Bohnker of Hiawatha, Iowa; and Numerous Grandchildren

Mary Lou Webster Bohnker has had a very active life. Mary Lou is a 1948 Home Economics Education graduate of Iowa State University. Upon graduation, she took a job as the Crawford County Home Economist in Denison, Iowa. Through Extension and 4-H, Mary Lou met Robert Bohnker of Charter Oak; they courted and married in July of 1949. Mary Lou resigned as the Home Economist to raise their family of six children. Mary Lou and Robert Bohnker became increasingly involved in local leadership and community improvement.
Mary Lou has guided six children from birth to educated adults. She has given us a good Christian upbringing, with a love for God and respect for our fellow man. She has given us the moral and financial assistance to allow all six of us to attend a major university (five being ISU). She-has given us the proper tools to live our own lives and raise our own families, to do our own accomplishments as our parents have done through their lives together.

Mary Lou has been involved in the following activities:
1. 1948 graduate of ISU. Received B.S. in Home Economics Education. Worked her way through college for support.
2. Extension Home Economist in Crawford County for one year.
3. Leader of girls 4-H club for approx. 10 years. Assisted Robert with boys club for approx. 20 years.
4. Member of Extension Youth Committee for 6 years.
5. Member of Farm Bureau Women for approx. 35 years. Served as Chairman for 1 year.
6. Very active in United Methodist Women. She has held all the offices in the UMW.

The children and family of Mary Lou Webster Bohnker would like to dedicate this brick to a person that has influenced us and pushed us to strive for the best we can be. She is a credit to women and the challenges they go through. We all are proud to give her some recognition for all the difference she has made in our lives. Thank You, Mary Lou.

From your loving family.