Mary Lou Fleming

Honored by:Loren Shultz
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Mary Lou Fleming was born in Traer, Iowa; daughter of Grace and Logan Fleming. A strong woman even in her youth she and her classmates petitioned the school district forcing them to sponsor the first girls high school basketball team the Redhawkettes. She graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with both a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degree in Education.

She was one of the first two women at UNI to get a graduate teaching assistantship in physical education. In addition to her teaching career she rated a family of three sons with ten years of that effort as a single mother. In 1988 Mary was elected the Hamilton County (Iowa) Auditor and re-elected without opposition in 1992. In her role as Auditor she also serves as Commissioner of Elections both advocate for and guardian of the voting system. In 1994 she was elected President of the Hamilton County League of Women Voters and serves in that capacity at the time of this dedication the 75th Anniversary of Women's Suffrage.

From her first marriage, Mary took the name her children bear Van Doren. She honored her present husband by accepting his name Shultz. This dedication is made in her maiden name however to honor her parents for the character and values they instilled in her. Perhaps even more important her maiden name is used as a sign that her great strength integrity intelligence love and compassion come only from within the soul and mind of Mary Lou Fleming a most remarkable woman.