Mary Lou Jeep Cole

Honored by:Stuart Cole
Brick location:F:25  map

I would like my mother's name among the Plaza of Heroines because I've always been very proud of her. She was always a working mom even before that was as common as it is today. An I.S.U. graduate in Home Economics, she taught for many years and no doubt influenced and aided the lives of hundreds of young women. Meanwhile, my father, sister and I never lacked for care and attention. She has always been a wonderful wife, mother and now, a grandmother.

 Too often the greatest contributions are so subtle they go unnoticed. There are no great awards given to parents who can teach their children the importance of love, honor, faith, education, and integrity. My mother and father have always taught by example and then shown immense patience while letting me recognize its value. I'm proud to have my mother's name among others in this Plaza of Heroines. Maybe this can be one small "Award" for those subtle yet truly important contributions.