Mary Louise Baird

Honored by:Her children: Bill Baird, Mary Jo Briedis, Betty Baird and Larry Baird
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In Memory of Mary Louise Baird
From her children: Bill Baird, Mary Jo Briedis, Betty Baird, and Larry Baird.

Our mother was special to us, her children, and to many others who relied on her gentle strength. Our family was the focus of her adult life and she managed to make each of us feel proud and talented. Her belief in us became the foundation for our self-esteem. A willow tree is perhaps the image that best describes Mom's combination of strength and flexibility. Even in the most difficult times these qualities--along with a subtle sense of humor--kept events in perspective.

Many of her friends also came to rely on her sense of strength and balance as a pillar of support. Curiosity and excitement about life are the other qualities that made Mom so special. She always kept an active interest and involvement in the people and world around her, current events, ISU basketball, and the everyday lives of her family and friends. She used the phone to "reach out and touch"--and link together--the lives of many. It is hard to imagine a more wonderful person. She is very loved and deeply missed. 01/95