Maud Ann Walden

Honored by:Jeanni Walden Eckel
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Maud Ann Walden was born January 12, 1886 in Arkansas. She was the mother of 7 children and 18 grandchildren, and all of them have grown into law-abiding and respected community members under her love and guidance. Maud was an ideal mother and much loved by all members of her family. She worked hard as a farm wife for most of her life, raising a family during the lean years of the Great Depression. However, she found time to help and pray for those with less, as well as to share simple joy with friends. She died in January, 1975 and was buried beside her husband of 50+ years, Dan.

The youngest grandchild of her youngest child (Gene Pettus Walden) is Jeanni Ann Walden Eckel who moved with her parents to Des Moines, Iowa. Jeanni graduated from Iowa State University in 1981 with a degree in Aerospace Engineering and later returned for her M.S. in the same field. Jeanni was not fortunate enough to spend time as an adult with her grandmother but had many fond childhood memories: summer days on the porch swing listening to the tinkle of glass wind chimes, reading the Bible, and painting Easter eggs to name a few. The love that Grandma Walden inspired lives on as a legacy throughout her family today.

Submitted on 12/2/94