Maureen M. Mericle

Honored by:Eileen and Morris Mericle
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While still in Gilbert High School, Maureen traveled to Australia for a year of study with the Youth-for-Understanding student exchange program in 1983 at the age 16. Further study in London and a stint with the Peace Corps following graduation from Iowa State University in 1988 broadened Maureen's world view even more. Maureen earned two graduate degrees, one from St. John's in Annapolis and another from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Following graduation, she traveled for USAID to Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. In 1993 Maureen signed a contract with the International Rescue Committee and was sent to the Sudan, where she was promoted from Grant Manager to Country Director within a year--the position which she presently holds. Maureen thrives under pressure and enjoys tough challenges.


Maureen continues up the career ladder, and now works for the largest company in the world, Wal-Mart, at their home office in Bentonville, Arkansas. She is shown here with her daughter Annabelle, adopted from Kazakhstan.

Submitted 2/28/94; updated 11/12/13