Meggann Brown

Honored by:The Greenlee School
Brick location:K:14  map

For her compassion, courage, independence, and warmth, the Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication dedicates this brick in honor of Meggann Brown, celebrating her life and those whom her life touched not limited to her academic and faculty advisors, professors, classmates, family, and friends.

For more about Meggann, who graduated posthumously in 2006, see the Iowa State Daily’s February 21, 2006 feature story aptly titled: “Strong Until the End: ISU Student Was an Inspiration Despite Illness.” To keep her spirit alive for those who knew, loved, and admired her, this brick in the Plaza of Heroines was reserved for Meggann on September 28, 2006 commemorating what would have been her 26th birthday.