Melissa Stolt

Honored by:Iowa State University Agronomy Club
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ISU Agronomy Club Mentor and Advisor

For eighteen years, between 1998 and 2016, Melissa Stolt worked in Student Services in the Agronomy Department and assisted with the Agronomy Club. In earlier years her role in the Club was support and guidance. However, over the last 10 years, she also assisted in planning the spring Agronomy Club Banquet/Award Ceremony, an event where the both the donors and the winners of Agronomy undergraduate scholarships are recognized. All of Agronomy is invited as well as the parents and families of the undergraduates. For this event, Melissa went far beyond being the Financial Advisor, approving all purchase transactions made by the club, by helping with the organization and logistics of the event itself, including advising during planning meetings, handling invitations and attendee lists, and preparing and managing the visual presentation during the event. She also assisted officers in other club activities during the academic years - passing out clothing orders, making room reservations, writing excuse letters while attending SASES meetings and giving advice on event planning processes.

In August, 2016, Melissa transferred to a position in the Graduate College. Her support for the Agronomy Club and the way she cared for and guided Agronomy students was greatly appreciated and will truly be missed.

Melissa resides in rural Kamrar, IA, with her husband Scott. Her son Curtis and his wife Amber reside in Jewell, and her daughter Hailey lives in Ames.