Merry Lucille Wallis Green

Honored by:Mearl Green
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Merry Lucille Wallis Green was our mother for just a short time. She loved us more than life itself and in that short time gave all she could to equip us for life without her. We want to tell you a little bit about our Mom.

She was the eighth daughter and eleventh child in the family of Johnny and Sybil of Mondamin, Iowa. The Loess Hills near Pisgah, Iowa were the setting for her Easter Sunday birth on April 4, 1953. Her mom was so pleased that she spelled her name M-E-R-R-Y. As a young girl she had very long hair that was always braided down her back. With so many brothers and sisters she grew up independent and determined. Her lovely singing voice was developed in high school and we remember it as she rocked us as babies. Everyone liked to hear our Mom sing.

Mother was off to college at Iowa State University. She was a hard worker taking a double major in Physical Education and History and working as Head Resident at the Towers for four years. During those years she sang with the Iowa State Singers and with the Leningrad Symphony when it was at Iowa State during its United States Tour. In May of 1975 Merry Lucille Wallis was graduated from Iowa State University with honors. At that time it was unusual for a woman to find a job teaching Physical Educaton so she worked for the government and for our uncle Mike Tierney at the Omaha Animal Hospital.

Grandmother Wallis always wanted one of her girls to be a nurse. Our Mom discovered her interest in that field of study while working for Uncle Mike and became a Registered Nurse in 1983. Again she worked hard and was a Graduate With Distinction at the Jennie Edmundson School of Nursing Council Bluffs, Iowa. She worked at the Immanuel Hospital in Omaha for four years and brief at the Jennie Edmundson Hospital. In April of 1988 Mom accepted a position with the University of Nebraska Medical Center. She was an excellent nurse and was soon promoted to an administrative position where she worked closely with doctors and nurses. Eventually she would work with medical personnel all over the United States. Mom was very good at her work and we were proud of her.

In August of 1975 Mom married our Dad Mearl Green. It was a good marriage where they worked together to make their dreams come true. It was a happy time when we were born to the Green family. RJ was born on April 9, 1985 and JJ was born on April 21, 1987.

Our mom took wonderful care of us. Our home was always neat and spotless. We never missed Sunday School and church she taught us what was most important in life. She sent us to school with motivation to work hard and do our verybest. We never ever looked bad she insisted that we dress with style and have good manners. She and Dad took us to wonderful places to eat and fixed good food at home. It was fun to be her child. She left us a legacy of accomplishment and a belief in pursuing excellence.

In November of 1991 our Mom became ill with ovarian cancer. It was in the advanced stages when it was found. But Mom was as independent and determined as ever. She continued to work and fight this mean disease with all that she had. During the summer before she died our family took a trip to the mountains that we will never forget.

On November 12, 1993 she lost the battle and went home to be with Jesus. Words cannot express how much we love and miss her. We are pleased to honor our mother Merry Lucille Wallis Green in this special tribute to women.

-RJ Robert Jonathan Green JJ Jaculyn Jay Green

~October 1994

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