Millie Rose Odeen Eiler

Honored by:Linda Haywood
Brick location:C:28  map

The lady I'm honoring is Millie Rose Odeen Eiler, better known to most as "Mom" or "Grandma Millie". Her attibutes as a person are so numerous that I'm sure I'll never mention all of them. To me "Mom" is truly a hero; my mentor. She has "been it all" through the years: wife mother of 4, listener, counselor, advisor, teacher, bookkeeper, farmer and a best friend!

Her standards are set high her morals run deep and her belief in Christ is strong. These values were taught to her children. Mom's "can do" determination positive thinking and just plain hard work have helped her get through some real tough situations and earned her success. I admire and respect what she's done with her life. She believes in setting goals and is not afraid of hard work to attain them. Honesty and fairness are major values in her game of life.

Family is a top priority in her life and no matter what the situation we always felt the warmth of Mom's love and support. She is and has always been there when we needed her and is a person I look up to; not just because she's my Mom but because of what she is - the whole person the whole package. She's much too humble to consider herself a hero and would never think her name should be included on a brick in a hall of heroines - little does she realize the major impact she's had on so many lives: her children and grandchildren family and many many friends!

Mom's ability to laugh and smile are contagious and she has a heart of gold. She spends little time thinking of herself; she is a giver and an example of unselfishness. My Mom is just plain and simple a one of a kind super great person! Adding her name to the plaza of heriones is such a small token of the graditude and respect I have for her. "Mom enough said. Just know that to me you are a hero and my best friend".