Miriam McLain Molison

Honored by:The Molison Family
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Miriam McLain Molison is a true heroine in the great measure of success she achieved in her roles of wife, mother, homemaker, and community leader. Born on an Iowa farm, she was educated in a one-room school and the local high school, and received her baccalaureate degree from Iowa State College. She was the wife and devoted companion of Wilbur C. Molison of Grinnell, Iowa, for nearly four decades.

She raised three children, surrounding them with love and providing them an enduring example of hard work and high expectation. She created an exemplary rural home, having been selected by her peers as a Master Farm Homemaker. Her broad and active interests led to significant service to her church, to rural youth, and to groups devoted to the civic and social betterment of her community.

She touched all who met here with her gentle nature, her generosity, her selflessness, and her loving concern for others.