Mrs Barbara Warman

Honored by:Sue Coburn
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Barbara Elizabeth Jarvis Warman, or "Bobbie" as she was known to most people, or "Mom" as she was known to us. Reflecting on who Mom is it takes but a moment to recognize that she is an incredible woman; a woman we would like to emulate and honor. Mom is an inspirational, positive role model for us exemplifying personal qualities which have allowed us to grow and mature. She has always respected, trusted and supported our choices listening without passing judgment giving us the opportunity to think out loud and formulate our own decisions. She has nurtured and encouraged each of us to investigate and develop our own interests and strengths. Mom is friendly, outgoing and genuinely interested in everyone she meets. She is willing to accept others as they are enjoying the differences and uniqueness in each person. Mom is sensitive to people's feelings and needs but can be tough when the situation warrants.

She is very loyal to those around her and to those who need her. There is nobody with a bigger heart than our mom. In many ways Mom has been a woman ahead of her time. She has successfully meshed her family life with her career and other activities. By carefully choosing and changing her priorities Mom has been able to creatively blend the many roles of the modern woman. She graduated with a BS HEc Degree from West Virginia University and worked as a dietitian before choosing to be a full time mom committed to her family while active in the community.

As kids, our studies, activities and needs were always a priority for Mom. Every day lunch was waiting for us when we came home at noon. She chauffeured around the neighborhood gang in the station wagon. We were always doing fun things like decorating cookies for the holidays and singing together for just any old reason. Mom was involved in our activities through PTA, Camp Fire, Sunday School and the like. She was also devoted to her own parents. It was important to her that we visit our grandparents' homes in West Virginia every year, strengthening the family bond across the generations. Mom continues to keep in close contact with relatives and friends across the country and around the world.

Mom and Dad have provided us with a positive image of marriage. They have shown us a partnership where each person can develop and grow through mutual support. Dad valued Mom in her role at home while raising the children and later supported her decision to go back to work and school at Iowa State University. Mom in turn has always been there for Dad as well supporting his professional and personal endeavors. We admire the determination and fortitude it took to go back to college to earn her Masters of Higher Education degree. Excited by the challenge, she reentered the workforce with a new career after a fifteen year hiatus. Her position at ISU as a freshman home economics advisor was a natural for her. She was able to share with her students the same qualities that we valued so much at home: nurturing, listening, patience, support and an enthusiasm for new experiences. Her dedication was recognized by her students when they selected and awarded her the College of Home Economics Outstanding Advisor Award.

Mom has always valued her community and continues to actively support it giving her time energy and talents to a variety of organizations. Some of the groups she has been involved with include Faculty Women's Club, Camp Fire, Unitarian Fellowship, Mental Health Board, Planned Parenthood, Phi Upsilon Honor Society, Worldly Goods, Thrift Shop, Hospitality Shop and the Story County Republicans. What a different world this might be if everyone contributed as much to our communities!

Though we are now grown and have lives and families of our own our ties with home are still strong. Mom's love for new experiences and enjoyment of everyday life continues into her retirement years and reflects on us all. She continues to be as supportive and encouraging as ever and we see her now not only as our mother but also as our friend.Mom, what an incredible woman!

She has given us solid footsteps to follow and she has influenced the paths of many others whose lives she has touched.

Bobbie Warman- we are thankful that she is our mom.