Myra Jackson

Honored by:Jeff, Jenn, Blake, and Payton Jackson
Brick location:O14  map

Myra Lou Jackson was born May 25, 1947. She is a mother of three and a grandmother of five. She is a retired teacher of over 40 years. She primarily taught special education and elementary school.

Myra worked hard so her kids could have every advantage in their lives. She regularly sacrificed her time, money, and desires to make sure her kids had their needs met. Myra was the church librarian, a Sunday School teacher, and gave of her time for school PTO and booster clubs.

Being a teacher in one of the poorest school systems in the state, she often used what little money she had to provide supplies to others in her classroom and throughout the school. Myra truly taught the value of giving to her family. Myra was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in her late 40's but never let that stop her from completing her teaching career.

The common phrase that everyone that has met Myra says about her is "She truly is a caring and giving person."

In 2014, Myra was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had surgery and several rounds of radiation and eventually beat the cancer. Her friends at the physical therapy pool that she used to attend considered Myra a bright spot in their lives as she would provide them with encouragement and support.

In 2019, Myra was sadly diagnosed with mesothelioma from asbestos exposure. She currently has in-home hospice. She continues to give freely, love fiercely, and has held on beyond the six-month projection because of her desire to hold her last grandchild, which she did on October 25. Myra's time with us is fading fast, but her life lessons of sacrifice and making the world a better place will always be around.

Because of her example, her daughter is a teacher, one son is the Assistant Director of Admissions Early Outreach with Iowa State University, and the other works with a youth camp. All have focused their careers on making a positive impact to the community and others.

These bricks are about recognizing strong woman. They are about making a difference in the community and the world. Not many are stronger than Myra Jackson. Not many have made a stronger impact in her community than Myra. The adversity and disabilities she has fought to overcome are truly remarkable. Myra lived her life showing love and teaching self-sacrifice. As you pass by her brick I hope you will pause and reflect on the ways you can show love to others.