Myra L. Britten

Honored by:Margaret Crandall
Brick location:F:3  map

B. Grant County, Wisconsin on May 2, 1859
D. Ames, Iowa on Sept. 20, 1935

My Grandmother Myra and her husband Alonzo Britten were very much interested in education. They lived at 1122 Clark Avenue and were the parents of nine children. Fern and Richard died while young. All of the others, Earl, Clarice, Edith, Ruby, Ruth, Dwight, and Naomi were encouraged to graduate from Iowa State College and/or take special education courses beyond high school. Life in their family was centered around education, the Methodist Church, and music. These interests were passed down to the present generations. When women were given the right to vote, my aunts seemed to feel that this new emancipation gave them the right to cut off their long hair.