Myrtle L. Shipp Jensen

Honored by:Carolann Jensen
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We would like to honor our mother by including her name in the Plaza of Heroines at Iowa State University. Myrtle Laurene Shipp Jensen is an individual notable for consistently and selflessly putting the needs of her family before her own needs and for advancing and supporting their careers rather than using her considerable talents, creativity, organizational ability, and native intelligence to pursue her own career.

Although all of her children are well into their adult lives as well as their careers her support of them and their efforts continues. In addition she continues to work collaboratively yet quietly and unassumingly in a helping role to her husband Senator John W. Jensen. Myrtle has unconditionally loved all of her five children equally regardless of how thankless the job can be. She has taught us to enjoy the time we spend together as a family. She has taught us to be proud of where we come from. She has also shared her considerable love for Iowa and life on the farm.

Myrtle may be shy and quiet to the outside world but with us she has shared her dry wit and cynical out look on life. We love our mother very much and are very proud of all of the things she has accomplished throughout her life. For the above reasons we believe she deserves a place in the Plaza of Heroines because she is our own special heroine.

Carolann Jensen ISU - 1986; Dr. Rita A. Jensen ISU - 1988