Nancy Ellen Tiffany

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After our marriage in Dubuque on a beautiful September day, we took our honeymoon in Hawaii. After a great trip we returned to start our new lives in “our honeymoon cottage” in North Mankato, MN. Nancy developed our local circle of friends through her work at the Mankato Free Press. She was a feature writer as well as being involved in the copy editing of various sections of the paper.

She was particularly proud be the sports copy editor because she loved sports and aggressively competed with the men in picking football game results. She took every opportunity to place stories in the paper about the Iowa State Cyclones even though the main college sports stories centered on Mankato State and the University of Minnesota.

By the spring of 1989 we were expecting our first baby so we decided to build a larger home. Laura arrived 2 weeks before the house was done so we kept her in a crib in the living room of an old farmhouse we were renting. Our second daughter, Jessica, was in a hurry to join us just 11 months after Laura was born- what a great surprise for both of us.

In 1992 we moved up to Spicer, MN in 1992 to accommodate a change in my career. Our two boys, Andrew and Benjamin were born in 1994 and 1996 respectively. Nancy gave up her career in journalism to devote her energies to being a full time stay-at-home mom during our time in the Spicer/Willmar area.

Nancy would readily admit her priorities were to play with the kids rather than clean the house and in looking back I know she was right. She also insisted on reading to them on a regular basis- even when I was tired from work she would prod me into helping with that reading.

Nancy’s spirit lives on in her four children, who benefited greatly from her solid values and her desire for them to experience life on the adventuresome side. She always said to them that they could be anything they wanted to be just as long as it was not boring!

Nancy was one of the most gentle, caring people on this earth. She loved life, She loved her friends and family, and she loved our kids and me.  I miss her terribly but am grateful for the time she had here on earth and for the legacy she has left us.

Submitted by Clyde W. Tiffany, ISU Alumni, BS, 1983

Submitted on 3/4/03