Nancy Petrick Almasi

Honored by:Brooke Almasi
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I am honoring my mother Nancy Almasi for many reasons, some of which are difficult to articulate on paper. She is a wonderful mother, wife, and role model. Nancy is not only my mother, but my best friend. I seek her for encouragement and advice regularly, especially now that I am in college. My mother and father both attended Iowa State University, and because they had such success here, I wanted to attend Iowa State as well. I have seen the unconditional love that my mother possesses for my father and her children, and strive to replicate her parenting style when I have my own family. My mother also sacrifices herself for the happiness and benefit of others. When my father went back to school after discovering his love for the medical field, my mother worked to support his endeavors while successfully raising their children. When her dad, my grandfather, was suffering from Alzheimer's for many years, I saw her quietly sacrifice her time to care for him with my grandmother. She dedicates her time not only to her family members, but her friends and community as well. Nancy has volunteered for numerous organizations, including Junior League, Habitat for Humanity, and many classrooms in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She is a speech pathologist at an elementary school, but you would never know it’s “work" from the way she talks about her love for her job and her student “kiddos.” My mother also works with children with special needs, and I admire her patience to help them succeed with their speech and life. Her determination for achievement not only at work, but in all areas of life is amazing, and I am motivated to study and not settle with mediocracy because of her perseverance. She is intelligent, genuine and kind, and I am grateful to be her daughter. Because of these reasons and many more, I am honoring my mother, Nancy Almasi.