Nancy W. Taylor

Honored by:Margaret Crandall
Brick location:G:28  map

Born: Rising Sun, Wisconsin, Jan. 22, 1850
Died: Ames, Iowa, May 15, 1942

My grandmother, Nancy, and her husband, Charles E. Taylor, attended Sterling Academy, Sterling, Illinois and were teachers. They lived for a few years in the 1870's on San Felipe Ranch near Del Rio, Texas. Their children, Harvey, Charles, Phila, and Edna were all born in Ames, Iowa. The family operated a boarding house for college students at 206 Welch Avenue. They took in George Washington Carver and provided him with board and room during his early days on campus.

Nancy had four brothers who served during the Civil War. She was an officer and national representative of the Relief Corps (An organization developed to assist veterans of the Civil War). She was also a leader in the Women's Suffrage movement. The long gold handle of her umbrella held aloft was a common sight at meetings and parades.

Submitted on 4/95