Nancy Weir Socknat

Honored by:Jim Socknat
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The brick for which I have contributed is to honor Nancy Weir Socknat, my wife, mother of our two sons, John and Matthew, and a tireless community citizen whose activities in the League of Women Voters brought her enormous joy and satisfaction.

Nancy Weir was born August 2, 1939 in Ennis, Texas. After completing her studies in journalism at Baylor University in 1961, she went to Washington, D.C. where she was employed on Capitol Hill. I met her when she was on the staff of U.S. Senator Ralph Yarborough of Texas. We married in 1965 and shortly thereafter moved to Des Moines, remaining there until 1967.

While in Des Moines, Nancy joined the League of Women Voters, an organization that was to be one of her lifelong focal concerns and sources of joy. She was able to maintain her direct involvement in politics by managing the office of E.B. Smith, an ISU History Professor who was the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senator in 1966. Also while in Des Moines, she managed the office of a candidate for mayor of Des Moines, and worked at the State Capitol for a State legislator from Des Moines.

From 1967-69 we lived in Ames during my visiting faculty stint with the Economics Department of ISU. Nancy kept up her involvement in LWV at both the local and state level. She also enjoyed auditing Professor Ross Talbot's political philosophy course and participating in the various faculty and spouse events.

From 1969-75 we lived in the Middle East, but during the 1975/76 academic year, when I was a visiting faculty member at the University of Utah, Nancy again became active in the LWV at both the local and state levels. Upon our return to Washington, D.C., she kept up her LWV activities, in the District of Columbia from 1976-78, and then in Virginia when we moved to McLean in 1978.

She also became active in national LWV activities, including becoming a member of the LWV lobby corps that lobbies the U.S. Congress on League positions. Until her death from breast cancer in 1985, she remained in an active leadership role in the League of Women Voters as well as a Deacon in her church, a member of the school PTA board, and a contributor of time, energy and enthusiasm to other community organizations.

Thus, my tribute is to Nancy Weir Socknat as wife, mother and public spirited citizen.

Submitted on 12/27/94