Nell Goodwin Benner

Honored by:Barbara Hawkins
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Nell Goodwin Benner was born July 28 1905 in Windsor Ontario Canada. She grew up in Detroit Michigan and married Ernest Benner (from Nottingham England) in 1927. They raised and educated five children: Barbara Lesley Ernest Carl and Susan. In 1947 the family moved to Marysville Michigan. After her husband's early death in 1959 she went to work as a nurse's aide in a local hospital. Not having completed high school she also sought and received her GED. In 1968 at age 63 she acheived her goal of obtaining the Licensed Practical Nursing Degree. She worked for twelve years at Mercy Hospital in Port Huron Michigan. After retiring from the hospital she did private nursing for several years as well as volunteer work. She was able to travel within this country and Canada and enjoyed trips to Israel Spain and Mexico. Nell Benner has always had an intense interest in the civil rights of all people. She was an active member of the NAACP in St. Clair County Michigan. She has been open to understanding religions other than her own. Her views on acceptance and respect of others were instilled in her children. She has been involved in both church and community activities: Parent Teacher Association Women's Cub Women's Book Club Licensed Practical Nurses Association and the Lioness organization. After becoming a naturalized citizen she used "the ballot" as a means of expressing her values. Whether being thrilled by the beauty of a "big cat" in Africa (as seen on her television screen) the small one curled in her lap the ducks and birds she feeds or the animal rights she supports animals have given her special pleasure. She has been fascinated by their beauty and special attributes. Her love of reading and learning have inspired all members of her family. Her children have entered the fields of education and medicines: one as a teacher two as nurses one as a veterinarian and one as a physician. All her eleven grandchildren except one are in college at present have earned degrees and some have advanced work or degrees. For these special achievements and attributes her family honors her on her 90th birthday as a loving wife mother grandmother and lifetime learner. 4/95