Noreen Carrier Southerland

Honored by:Her family
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Placed in the Plaza of Heroines by her family for a lifetime of devotion and sacrifice to family, October 1995

Joseph Lawrence Carrier, June 25, 1896; Fanny Moore Carrier, September 16, 1901

Firstborn of nine children:
Born June 25, 1922 on her father's birthday. Six brothers and
two sisters: Victor Moore Carrier, November 23, 1923; Roy Wesley Carrier,
October 20, 1925; Rev. Alfred Morris Carrier, September 13, 1927; Joseph Duran Carrier, January 30, 1930; Lois Janidee Carrier Reed, July 7, 1932; Mayme Lou Carrier, May 22, 1934; Richard Chester Carrier, July 5, 1935; Daniel Carrier, November 16, 1939.

Born and reared:
Born at grandparent's house. Family bought and moved to Bill Austin
Place, Green River, Kentucky, in 1923; remained the family home until her
mother's death in 1989. She was taught to read by her father by age five.
Attended formal school until junior high. Stayed home to take care of her
dependent baby sister for the next few years. Self-educated thereafter by an insatiable desire to read.

December 15, 1937 (at age 15 1/2) to Hayward Southerland (b. December 10, 1915). Married at home by Hayward's father, Richard, a Pentecostal minister.

Agatha Ann, April 12, 1939 (married William Ronald Patterson); Ruth Eleanor, October 22, 1941 (married Reginald Roy Souleyrette); Granville Hayward, January 7, 1944 (married Karen Lee Simons); David Lawrence, December 11, 1949.

William Ronald Patterson II, July 21, 1958 (married Carol Robertson); Peggy Jo Patterson, November 15, 1961 (married Robert Wayne Brock); Steven Edward Patterson, December 5, 1964 (married Jamie Filer; Reginald Roy Souleyrette II, September 9, 1962, (married Rosemary Elizabeth Anderson); Jeffrey Scott Souleyrette, February 17, 1964 (married Lisa Renee Cochran); Douglas Alan Souleyrette, September 16, 1977; Ruth Ann Southerland, April 6, 1981.

Great Grandchildren:
William Ronald Patterson III, July 7, 1982; Paul David Patterson,
May 8, 1984; Jonathan Reed Brock, September 23, 1985; Robert Andrew Brock, April 23, 1987; Daniel Joseph Brock, January 25, 1994; Stephen Louis Patterson, June 17, 1994; Jacqueline Ruth Souleyrette, December 29, 1989; David Austin Souleyrette, February 2, 1992; Brian Andrew Souleyrette, April 28, 1992.

Protestant, born-again believer of Pentecostal Faith. "God will see us
through. He has never failed. To every man is given a measure of faith. Without it, it is impossible to please God. My family, come to know Him through the salvation plan, come to know Him in his suffering. Lay your burdens at his feet and know His plan for each of your lives. A born-again experience is all that will take us to heaven. His peace passes all understanding. This world has given much to enjoy, but nothing satisfies like the Love and Peace of God. Let us spend eternity with Him and loved-ones gone on." Noreen Carrier Southerland, December 11, 1992.

Homemaker until 1950. Started work at Cowden Manufacturing Company when her husband was disabled and nearly fatally injured in a car accident (he was in the Veteran's hospital for over one year). Worked outside the home for 11 years.

"Ultra-conservative, died in-the-wool Republican," as were her
parents and grandparents. "Though I feel the man is the important issue to
be considered, his integrity and honesty, most important -- I would vote
Democratic, but I haven't found a candidate with enough qualities." Noreen Carrier Southerland, December 11, 1992.

Greatest sorrow:
Losing youngest son in 1975 and never knowing his fate. Her faith
sustained her and because of this, she has been able to offer comfort and
counsel to many others. "He has borne our grief and carried our
sorrows" - Isaiah 53:4.

Greatest joy:
Rearing four children and instilling good moral character and values.
Sharing many happy times with her seven grandchildren and nine

Greatest accomplishment:
In-home care of her dependent sister after the death of their mother. Helping her sister grow and become more independent.

Happiest time:
Spent on the farm with her husband and grandchildren, roaming the woods, fishing the pond and enjoying the farm animals, especially her favorite milk-cow, Daisy.

Celebrated mutual birthday with her father until his death in 1957. The following birthdays were sad until a special surprise celebration for her 70th birthday in 1992. The celebration given by her children was held at the William Whitley House and was attended by family and friends with special tributes from her grandchildren Representative Larry Hopkins and birthday wishes from President and Mrs. George Bush.

Family custom:
Carrier family reunion, held at Labor Day, each year.

Favorite activities:
Gardening, drying apples for the family to enjoy, walking in the woods and enjoying nature, eating fish (regardless of size).

Favorite pastime:
Reading, writing.

Favorite travel:
Trip to the Holy land, October 1976.

Honored by: The Family of Noreen Southerland

Submitted on 5/2/95