Norma Longmire Sell

Honored by:Jerry L. Sell
Brick location:E:28  map

Norma Longmire Sell was a gregarious, loving person who dedicated a large part of her life to helping others. She and her husband were among the many victims of the Great Depression, existing for many years on the meager income of "hired farm hands". Despite the difficulties of the times, Norma provided assistance to others as resources permitted and was an inspiration during the tough times and afterward to those who knew her. She was an organizer of neighborhood social events. When a neighboring family was stricken with illness she would be the first to supply food and personal care for them. Norma was a superb mother and homemaker. She was an avid reader and could quote from the classics, as befitted the occasion. She also was the "glue" that held her family of brothers and sisters together until her untimely death due to cancer.

Submitted on June 12, 1997