Nupur Ghoshal

Honored by:Harold S. McNabb, Jr.
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Although only 22 in August 1994 Nupur is a premier scholar as an Iowa State University undergraduate. She has the greatest potential of any student I have had the opportunity to mentor and I predict her success as a medical scientist in human genetics. As a "campus kid" many hours during her early schooling were spent exploring the world in the university library. As an activist in educational issues while still in secondary school she was on the cutting edge with adult leaders in important Ames community discussions. Her scientific ability was shown early when she became one of the 40 national finalists in the Westinghouse Science Talent Search Program for High Schools and later as a participant in 1992 and 1994 national conferences for undergraduate research. As an Agricultural Biotechnology and Goldwater Foundation Scholar her other honors and awards during her first three years as a undergraduate are too numerous to mention. Nupur has been an extraordinary mentoree that very special one that few mentors experience. I as my professional career is ending and Iowa State University have been humbled and proud to have become a part of the beginning of this young scientist and scholar's professional journey through life.