Pamela Hess Kiefer

Honored by:Tamara Lanai Ackerman Eaton
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Pamela Hess Kiefer is the mother of two Iowa State graduates, Tamara Ackerman Eaton (1986), and Devlin Ackerman (1991). Pamela was nominated by her daughter to honor the example she set for her children. Though unable to go to college herself, Mrs. Kiefer inspired her children to make the most of their own opportunities. With their mother's encouragement, both children put themselves through college and have gone on to use their degrees successfully.

Mrs. Kiefer taught her daughter that it is acceptable and essential for a woman to be intelligent, decisive, and independent. As a divorced mother, Mrs. Kiefer had to, at times, assume the role of both parents. This helped her daughter to recognize that a woman can accomplish her goals on her own.

Pamela Kiefer was born and raised in Waterloo, Iowa. She overcame many setbacks to achieve a goal of her own: she owns and operates a daycare center in Cedar Falls. Through the realization of this dream, her influence will affect not only her own adult children, their spouses and her grandchildren but also the many children who have progressed through Kiddie Kollege. Mrs. Pamela Kiefer's children are as proud of their mother as she is of them.

Submitted on 7/1/96