Patricia Ann Miller

Honored by:Robert A. Leacock, Elizabeth Cole Beck, Ed Lewis, and Gary and Carlie Tartakov
Brick location:B:17  map

It is a pleasure to contribute to the Carrie Chapman Catt Campaign by supporting the inscription of a brick with the name of our friend and colleague, Pat Miller. Pat has been a powerful educational force in the university through her work as coordinator of the Lectures Program, through her many university activities in support of women and minorities, and through her individual interactions with students staff and faculty. In addition, she has been active in local, state, and national political affairs. But these and her many other fine activities aside, we are fortunate just to have Pat as a friend.

Pat Miller presently holds the position of Iowa State University Lectures Program Coordinator. She directs a centrally-organized program of approximately 150 visiting speakers each year, including the week-long Institute on World Affairs and the Institute on National Affairs on ISU's 25,000 student campus. Pat is a graduate of ISU 1980 with a B.S. in Psychology with distinction and coursework toward a Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication.

In April, 1991, Pat received the Human Relations Award from ISU. This award is presented to recognize groups and individuals who have contributed significantly to the advancement of human relations within and among all segments of the campus community. The following statement is from the program:

Pat Miller, coordinator of the ISU Lectures Program, has had an extraordinary impact on the attitudes and values of community members through her gentle yet forceful guidance of the university's lectures Program. The speakers panel members and workshops she has endeavored to bring to campus during the past year have reflected the university's commitment to promoting awareness among our students of the reality of their living in an increasingly diverse country and world. She has had a hand in initiating several Dean of Students programs. Pat is always willing to lend a helping hand or to give sound advice on a moment's notice.

Pat believes strongly in the concept that education about the cultural differences of others will lead us out of ignorance. She has an uncanny ability to bring timely issues and their advocates to the attention of the campus community - for example, Maki Mandela and Herbert Aptheker, military war resister - often before we recognize their importance in our lives. She also demonstrates time and again her willingness to risk sticking her neck out on controversial and unpopular topics in order to expand our thinking, but nevertheless understands the need to reach group consensus through compromise.

Pat works beautifully with all kinds of people. She is as comfortable working with top-level administrators as she is with the members of the African Student Association. While individuals may not always agree with her views, they always respect her for her firm beliefs and fair judgment.