Patricia E. Morden Farris

Honored by:Pamela Farris Delgado, Kelly Farris-Renner, George C. Farris and Elizabeth Myers
Brick location:C:8  map

Our mother Patricia Eleanor Farris (Morden) is a very special lady. She was bom June 4, 1933 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa but was raised in Clinton, Iowa. Her father died when she was 14 leaving behind herself and her mother. Pati (as she is called by friends and family) was a determined young girl and in a time when only a few young women attended college she decided she would go to Iowa State University.

She worked her way through school was a member of the Alpha Gamma sorority and worked on the costume crew of several plays. She graduated in 1955 with a B.S. degree in Textiles and Clothing.

In 1954 she married Iowa Stater Paul Farris. On September 3rd 1994 they will celebrate 40 years of marriage. When we were children our mother taught us to set high goals for ourselves. She told us we could do anything if we wanted it badly enough. She lived by this standard as well. Our mother was a perfectionist when it came to being a mother. She made us clothes created "made to order" Halloween costumes and planned unique birthday parties each year.

She helped us plan penny carnivals with our friends, surprised us with homemade cookies when we came home from school and gave us a shoulder to cry on when we needed one. As we got older our mother became more than our mother she became our friend. Never quick to judge she has guided us with an open mind and an open heart. She has taught us to believe in ourselves and thus gave us independence.

We have had the opportunity to make our own decisions. And when these decisions were the wrong ones there was never a harsh word but a hand to help us up on our feet. Our mother also worked outside the home. Aside from different part-time jobs she started her own puppet business. When her partner moved away she found a new one. She also got into crafts. What started off as a hobby became a full fledged business .... to the point where puppets were out and crafts were in. Our mother has never been afraid to try something new or to go out on a limb for something or someone she believes in. She has taught us to be this way too! In a time when the traditional family is changing and many mothers are working outside the home we look to the things our mother taught us and hope we are able to teach the same values to our children.

This brick was donated in honor of our mother not only for being a woman that is always at her best but for being a person who brings out the best in others. We love you Mom! Your Children, Pamela Farris Delgado, George C. Farris, Kelly Farris-Renner, Elizabeth Myers