Patricia Green Beck

Honored by:Louis Neal Lee and Lydia Beck
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Pat graduated from ISU in 1980. Her career success has included publishing communications development and marketing for private industry and education. She was awarded the ISU Alumni Association Alumni Service Key Award the Black Hawk County Outstanding Volunteer 4-H Leader Award and the Black Hawk County Outstanding 4-H Alumni Award. She has been a volunteer 4-H leader for more than 10 years. She served more than six years as a trustee on the Iowa 4-H Foundation serving as president in 2007-08. Pat Beck is on the board of the ISU Club of Black Hawk County and is a past president of the ISU Women's Club of Black Hawk County. Her three children attended college at Iowa State University and University of Missouri. Her husband Louis Beck is also an ISU grad. Pat earned an MBA at University of Northern Iowa in 1998.