Patricia Hougen

Honored by:Roy Hougen and Leona Hougen
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Honored by Roy Hougen

Born: Patricia Ann Gardels October 3, 1937, in Hays, Kansas, to Cleve and Mary Gardels.

Raised: Loveland, Colorado, on a small diversified farm.

Education: Attended elementary and high school in Loveland, Colorado, area. Graduate of Loveland High School. B.A. in Elementary Education from Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas (1958).

Employment: Parish Worker, Trinity Lutheran Church, Waukegan, Illinois. Elementary School Teacher in Tacoma, Washington, and Story City, Iowa. Ethnic School (pre-school) Coordinator and Urban Ministry Director, Fort Dodge, Iowa. Executive Director, Heartland Senior Services, Story County, Ames, Iowa.

Family: Married Roy Hougen August 17, 1962. Children: Darrell Roy Hougen (1963), Dean Frederick Hougen (1964).

Community: Lutheran Church, League of Women Voters, Bread for the World, Altrusa Service Club, H.O.M.E. Inc., Symphony Orchestra.

Patricia "Pat" Hougen has had a positive influence both directly and indirectly on the lives of many people throughout her life. As a wife and mother, she was a steady, guiding, inspiring person who always made home a warm and welcome place.

"Family Time" was not something reserved for weekends or other designated periods, it was whenever the family was together - for meals, family activities, travel, visiting, entertainment and just 'being there." Her support of her husband and sons in their education and careers helped them reach goals not otherwise possible. They all earned degrees from Iowa State University prior to pursuing further education and/or careers. As a coordinator director and administrator in community agencies and programs, Pat was always there for her co-workers, employees and volunteers in dealing with both job-related and personal or family concerns. She is able to listen to and hear what people say and help them sort out their own thoughts and desires. Where possible, she helps them adjust their jobs to use their strengths and interests to accomplish the mission of the agency or organization.

As a community member, Pat is active in her church and at different periods of her life has been active in the League of Women Voters, Bread for the World, the Altrusa Service Club, community symphony orchestra and other organizations. She enjoys music for its own sake but her other involvement usually has an underlying although unstated commonality. It revolves around the idea that the "community" (from local to global) will be a better place for people to live because of some action program or activity with which the group is associated. Social justice is an important value in her life.

Pat never sought recognition for her work and her style is that of working quietly but effectively. Her secret to success is "be prepared" and "be consistent." The results are impressive. She was a recipient of the Distinguished Service Award from the Iowa Council for Children and Families and the Iowa Governor's Award for volunteerism. But mostly she is recognized and appreciated by the people closest to her - her family her friends, her co-workers, her advisory boards and committees, and her employees. Personal compliments are more frequent than public recognition.

Patricia Hougen is indeed a "Heroine" to those who know her.


Honored by Leona Hougen

As a teacher of 4th graders, she was kind and helpful to each pupil individually as needed, not only in math etc.---but in character building by example and conversation.

As a wife, she is an efficient homemaker and a loyal supporter of her husband.

As a parent, she has along with her husband helped raise two sons--studious, ambitious, creative sons.

As a grandmother of two pre-school children, she easily wins their response and obedience with her kind, soft-spoken voice and entertains them with books and educational toys.

As a mother-in-law, she seems to be always available with her helpfulness when needed in any and all problems.

As the director of Heartland Senior Services of Story County, she is truly dedicated to serving the elderly, hiring a staff for each department who are willing to follow her valuable leadership; and greatly appreciated by Board Members.

As a friend, she seems to sense the needs of others and in her well-modulated voice gives guidance in helping people solve their problems.

Pat has gained the respect of all who have had the privilege of knowing her professionally and otherwise. All this in the spirit of true humility. I am happy to have her name on a Catt Memorial Brick.