Patricia Marie Mayhew Hamm

Honored by:David L. Hamm
Brick location:C:1  map

I want to honor my wife Patricia Marie Mayhew Hamm. We were married in 1960 and moved to Pammel Court at ISU that fall. We spent from 1960 to 1966 at ISU. Both of our sons were born in Ames. Patricia's devotion to our children and her undying support in helping me with school was uncompromising. Her creative nature in decorating sewing and the arts helped make our house in Pammel a home. I would not have achieved a respected position in my career without her support and understanding which continues unabated. It is difficult to realize at this writing that it has been almost 28 years since we left Iowa State.

The fond memories of our early struggles and Patricia's support will never be forgotten. In some ways they were actually good times as it added strength to our relationship. Patricia still gives me constant support and has a positive influence on my life. Patricia may your name be added to these bricks at the Plaza of Heroines and your enthusiasm for life continue to shine on those around you. From your loving husband David.