Patricia Sonquist Lane

Honored by:Phyllis Sonquist Lansing
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I nominate my sister, Patricia Sonquist Lane, for her selfless contributions to the well-being of others. Within our family I have experienced her gifts from being an early playmate and friend through sharing care for our parents. Her interest in the history of the Dayton area has enriched our family's appreciation of our early environment.

In addition to being wife and mother, she welcomed countless students and researchers to this country and to their home. Through her leadership in the League of Women Voters of Maryland and through community and government groups, she has worked tirelessly to improve Maryland's environment.

Although natural resources were her focus later in life, she has never lost the personal touch. Those of us who knew her have been blessed. She died May 1, 2010.

Some of her interests and accomplishments are appended.

Born: Dayton, Webster County, Iowa 1931.
Home Place: Dayton W 1/2 SE 1/4 S26-T86N-R28W
Educated: Iowa State University 1948-51; New York University B.A. 1968 Art History; The Johns Hopkins University M.A. 1974 Art History.
Married: M. Daniel Lane Sr. 1951, Two children 1952, 1955.
Interests: Family, Iowa rural and Swedish immigration history; environmental issues, representing the League of Women Voters of Baltimore City and Maryland. The interrelationships of nature have meant using research capabilities to study and advocate on a broad range of topics indicated by the following:
MD Radiation Control Advisory Board, citizen representative
Governor's Energy Task Force
Citizen Advisory Board on ISTEA transportation
Mayor-appointed Friends of the Watershed, safe drinking water
MD Department of the Environment award for environmental work
Baltimore Recycling Coalition
Posthumous Governor's Proclamation from Maryland for twenty years of service as the citizen representative on the Radiation Advisory Control Board 

Iowa land, skies, fields, strong families and communities provide the basis for a happy, balanced life. Her values shaped here make participation in and contribution to the community and nature a joy as well as a necessity. This applied as well to our pioneer grandmother, Christena "Bill” Johnson Swanson, and our mother, Linnea Swanson Sonquist, incredibly strong and gifted women.

Submitted 1/4/95; updated 10/28/2013