Paula R. Berg

Honored by:Susan Ross
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Paula is one of the third generation of Tucker-Ross women honored here. She is the daughter of Roberta Tucker Ross and granddaughter of Henrietta Ross and Lelia Tucker. She married William Douglas Berg in 1966 and had two children - William and Marcie. She and her husband settled in Madison, Wisconsin after he had completed graduate school at the University of Illinois.

Paula responded to the strong family value of education for all by graduating from Purdue University with a degree in Home Economics - Fashion Retailing. She used her degree initially by working in her field to support her family while her husband completed graduate school. She later used her degree in creating a family home.

Paula follows in the footsteps of her mother and grandmothers by devoting her energy to her family and the community around her. She has always been active in school and community affairs, doing volunteer work or as she states "doing the kind of work that needs to be done but nobody will pay for it". Her children have benefited from the endless hours she has given to enrich their academic and extracurricular activities.

Paula's home has been renowned as a resource for all. Many come to view her extensive gardens and appreciate the beauty she creates outside as well as within her home. Her gardening expertise adds warmth and beauty to a local nursing home to which she gives many hours. She is known for her skill in decorating, and willingly shares her talent with others. She extends her welcoming hospitality to all. Her home can be a place of quiet respire or raucous fun. Friends and their children become part of her extended family. Her children's friends feel as comfortable in her home as in their own. She extends that same hospitality to animals and has been known to take in homeless kittens, awaking every two hours at night to feed them.

Paula is known by others as a fun-loving, caring friend, and to her family of origin as the keeper of traditions. Her influence is felt, valued, and appreciated by all of her extended family. 4/19/95

Paver Inscription:

"Lelia Tucker
Henrietta Ross
Roberta T. Ross
Paula R. Berg
Susan T. Ross"

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