Pauline L. Anderson

Honored by:Paula J. Morrical
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During World War II, Paula Anderson worked as a chief clerk for the Greene County draft board and later as office manager for the Thermogray Co. of Jefferson. Mrs. Anderson was divorced in 1947, and except for a few short periods when she could not find employment, she received no aid from the state or other sources. "It's up to the individual to cope with his own problems if he possibly can, and my children feel the same way."

Pauline lived in Jefferson until 1958, and then decided to sell her house and move to Ames where her children could get a college education. Mrs. Anderson found employment with the university and bought a large two-and-half story home within walking distance of the campus. To financially help with four children, three of whom were at Iowa State, the upstairs was rented to students and she and her children occupied the downstairs. The children all had part-time jobs. Pauline was enrolled as a freshman at Iowa State in 1931, but had to leave at the end of the year because of lack of funds and ill health. Upon her move to Ames she continued to work toward a degree in accounting. 11/7/94